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The following stories are available for adaption. Titles in blue can be read on this site.

Others are available in the books linked below

The only stories available as Promiscuous Materials are those listed by title on this page

Breakfast at Brelreck's

A vignette featuring eccentric characters in a Brooklyn coffee shop. In PATCHWORK PLANET, available exclusively from the BookCourt bookstore.

Children With Hangovers

The Collector

Entry Of Buildings

Forever, Said The Duck

An ensemble of characters at a party, with entangled sexual histories, gradually discover they're all computer simulations. In The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye.

The Glasses

Two opticians and a difficult customer square off in a Brooklyn glasses-shop. In Men and Cartoons.


If Their Love Were The Biosphere

Interview With The Crab

A bitter, washed-up star of television sitcoms, who is also a crustacean. In Men and Cartoons - but only the paperback edition.

K Is For Fake

A conflation of Franz Kafka, Orson Welles, and paintings of sad-eyed children. Questions of plagiarism and appropriation are examined. In Kafka Americana.

The Mad Brooklynite

The One About The Green Detective

Planet Big Zero

Old friends, the awkwardness of reunion, and the problem of invisibility. In Men and Cartoons.

Sleepy People

A woman finds a man on her porch and drags him inside the house. He's one of the sleepy people. She sort of likes him anyway. In The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye.

Their Back Pages

A variety of cartoon characters crash-land on a remote island reminiscent of the television series Lost. Pop-culture appropriations abound. In the 25Th Anniversary Issue of Conjunctions.

The Spray

After their house is robbed, a couple discovers a spray which reveals the missing items. In Men and Cartoons.

Zeppelin Parable