No knock on anyone else, but until you’ve been read by John Clute you might not have been read at all. John Clute review


My piece on the wake of the election, from the LRB: The LRB “Diary” piece, possibly going behind a paywall. It compared our current situation to a Philip K. Dick novel, among other things. Then I added a postscript, here: “Resistance” Lit, from the NBCC

The Secret History Of Everything

If the first paragraph of this article were the start of an Adam Curtis film, it would begin with a flat, declarative statement. Something like: “This is a film about a curious afternoon in the summer of 2016, when an American novelist pretending to be a journalist went to meet a British journalist who wanted … Read more

Interview with Electric Lit

Jonathan Lethem’s Expat Twilight Zone Talking fathers, mind-readers & anarchist hamburger joints with the author of the new novel, A Gambler’s Anatomy Interview with Electric Lit.